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I'm an aspiring Programmer/Cyber Security/Software Dev that enjoys writing as a hobby.

Having some sort of additional storage helps more than you think. Whether it is an external SSD, a second HDD, or even a flash drive, it can help you in many ways.

Here’s how installing a second hard drive helped me be more productive and have better PC maintenance. I have two storage devices. I have a primary SSD (500gb) that I installed my OS on. I also have an HDD (1tb) that I use to storage some games, files, and more.

More storage

I like to use clipping software when playing my favourite games, so that I can show my favourite…

ElasticSearch documentation isn’t the best. Especially when it comes to securing your instance. Setting up basic HTTP authentication isn’t as difficult as it is obscure. Here’s how to do it.

A few things to note:

  • ElasticSearch DOES offer authentication, however it is only available in their paid editions of the software.
  • Therefore, we will be using third party software to secure your ElasticSearch instance.


Search-Guard is the software we will be using to secure the access to our server. Installing it is pretty simple. We will be using the built-in executable called elasticsearch-plugin which is used to install plugins.


Medal is a great software for clipping gameplay. I personally enjoy it the most out of regular clipping software because of how it doesn’t cause much lag.

After swapping out my regular clipping software (built into my GPU driver software) for Medal, I noticed a boost in frames. Even after I changed the clipping time from 1–5 minutes the performance stayed the same (albeit there was 1–2 frames less on average)

Downloading and Installing

Peripherals can be the difference between winning and losing in video games. This is why we put a lot of money into them. However, I think that some peripherals need a lesser financial investment than others.

Going from least expensive to most expensive, lets start with the keyboard.


Gigabyte B450 motherboards are quite confusing, in the sense that it isn’t obvious how to enable virtualization. You might have found that there is no “Virtualization” option when navigating through the BIOS. Here’s how to find and enable it…

Booting into the BIOS

If you don’t already know how to boot into the bios, it’s really easy. If you have Windows, find the “Restart” button, hold down shift and press it. This will get you into a “Troubleshooting” menu. From there, select “Advanced Options” and select “UEFI Firmware Options” or something similar.

If this doesn’t work, or you have a different operating system —…

A lot of games don’t have options for full-screen borderless mode. Here’s how to make any game borderless windowed.

I found a sort of hidden gem. Fullscreenizer is a program that lets you make any program borderless windowed regardless of their configuration. To my surprise, the program was recently updated.

You can see their GitHub repository page here:

To download Fullscreenizer, head to the download link:

Select the latest file (it should end with *.zip)

all image credits go to Overwolf and the Porofessor devs

If you don’t know what Porofessor is, it’s an in-game assistance tool for LoL. It mainly shows you statistics about your opponents and gives you advice on strategies you can make.

With their website, you can search up any LoL player that is online. If the player is not online, you cannot search them up. It is meant for you to be able to find out your opponents strategy before you start playing. The in-game app makes this so much easier.

Features of the in-game app

Opponent statistics

A lot of people want to start with ethical hacking, and think of Kali as a necessity. Though a lot of people, myself included, have Windows as their daily driver. As much as I would prefer to use Linux when hunting, it’s easier to use Windows.

However with the introduction of WSL 2, running Linux programs on Windows is finally effective. We can use a tool I have used before, Katoolin. This tool allows us to install Kali applications from Debian based systems.

Installing Katoolin

As long as you have GIT installed on your WSL environment, you can install. …

Let’s say you have already found your favourite modpack. It could be Valhesia, All the Mods, MC Eternal, or any modpack! This tutorial is specific to modpacks from:

However, this guide can be easily adapted to fit any modpack regardless of where it comes from. As a demo, I will be showing you how to install a MC Eternal server.

Creating a MC Eternal server

If you are wanting to make a server from a CurseForge modpack, it’s pretty easy. First step is to go to the files section on the CurseForge page.

Escape from Tarkov is a great game, and also offers additional versions of the game. The most expensive version being the Edge of Darkness (commonly referred to as EOD). This version is quite expensive, coming in at 109.99€ or $130. What if you don’t want to spend all of that money? You can stick with the regular version, however there will be a lot of extra items and features you will be missing out on.

EOD comes with these extras (vs. the base version):

  • Stash size of 10x68
  • 0.2 starting rep with all traders


Secure container Gamma (3x3 cells)

Ethan Roberts

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