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I'm a 17 year old aspiring Programmer/Cyber Security/Software Dev that enjoys writing as a hobby.

I have done a lot of security vulnerability testing in the past. What I come across a lot is wanting to search a webserver for hidden files and such.

I know there are already a few tools out there, but they have never quite satisfied me. I’ve tried quite a…

When I first started my journey into bug bounty hunting I found Hacker101. This is a program run by HackerOne (a bug bounty platform). You can find out more about bug bounty hunting here:

CTF #1: A little something to get you started

React Native is an amazing language. You are able to write code for both iOS and Android at the same time. Though developing mobile apps comes with limitations. Without a great PC you can’t run an emulator, and your compiling times will be low. …

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Database breaches are becoming more and more common, and the information inside is becoming more sensitive. It turns out it’s a lot easier than most people think to find databases. Most of them aren’t hidden on company servers, they’re actually hosted in the cloud.

Bug bounty programs are willing to…

LocalStorage and Cookies. These are two methods used for storing and retriving information client side on websites. Usually the server will tell the client to store information in cookies or localstorage (most times through JavaScript).

However there are a few notable differences between the two. Let’s start with cookies.



I recently encountered a situation the title suggests. One of my family members has an Amazon Prime subscription, though they don’t actually use it for the Prime Gaming feature.

If you want to sign in to prime gaming on another pc, or just don’t want to sign into your Amazon…

Services like Bitly ( and (deprecated) are fantastic. My frequent use of Bitly made me think, “why don’t I do this myself”. Seems easy enough, right? Interestingly I was able to find a few self-hosted link shorteners. The one that caught my eye was YOURLS.

Your Own URL Shortener

That’s what YOURLS stands…

Getting a job at 16 is hard. Making money in ways other than mundane tasks (lawn mowing, dog walking, etc) is difficult at a young age (additionally, the payouts aren’t usually great).

Thinking back to when I was 11, I had a dog walking job with a neighbour. It was…

League of Legends is known for its heaping amount of skins for its large amount of playable characters. It’s not known to a lot of people, but Amazon has been giving away League of Legends skin shards for quite some time now. Here’s how to get yours.

1. Amazon Prime Gaming free trial

This is the…

Photo by Deepanker Verma from Pexels

Browser security is very important. How we access the internet needs to be secure. This means we put massive trust in the internet browsers we use. This leads us to placing our trust in the companies who develop these browsers.

These companies tell us their browser is “free”. Though as…

Ethan Roberts

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