Escape from Tarkov: Easiest/Cheapest way to get Secure Container Beta (Spawn locations and prices)

Escape from Tarkov (EFT) is a very hard game. It’s probably the most difficult game I have ever played. If you are just starting out in Escape from Tarkov, there is one item that will help you dramatically. This item is called the Secure Container Beta, otherwise known as the Beta Container.

When you first start out in Escape from Tarkov standard edition, you are stuck with an alpha container. This container will save all of the items contained in it after you die. Anything you put in it, is safe. However, the Alpha Container can only store 2x2 worth of items:

There are quite a few Secure Containers in EFT:

  • Alpha Container
  • Beta Container
  • Epsilon Container
  • Gamma Container
  • Kappa Container

The one we will be taking a look at today, is obviously the Beta Container.

Beta Container Stats

The Beta Container has an extra 1x2 slot than the Alpha Container. In total, the container is arranged in a 2x3 style.

Ideally if you are first starting out this is the next container you want to get.


The requirements to get this secure container are quite steep early game. You need to have your Peacekeeper at loyalty level 2. This requires $11k worth of trades with him. Once you have him at LL2, you are able to barter for this secure container. These are the items needed for the barter:

The total equivalent of these items on the flea market (15/03/2021) is:

  • Military Battery x 1~ 230,000₽
  • Iridium x 3 ~ 195,000₽
  • Virtex Processor x 2 ~ 750,000₽
  • Military Cable x 3 ~ 207,000₽

In total: 1,382,000₽

If you buy all of those items, you can navigate to the barter trades for Peacekeeper LL2. You can exchange them for this secure container:

This is the cheapest way to get this container. However, there are other ways. You can find several of these items out in the world, though this method is not easy. Here are the items you can find and locations. Note all of the items can only be found on Reserve and Labs(these are taken from the latest updated Wiki posts on each):

Military Battery

Naturally, all of these items can be found in technical supply crates, caches, etc. Though there is a relatively low chance of spawn. There are locations that this military battery will spawn on the map Reserve:

  • Near any tank
  • Service bay in repair center (White Knight)
  • Can be found in the RB-ST room
  • Can be found in the RB-GN room
  • Can be found in the RB-MP21
  • Can be found in the RB-MP22
  • Can be found in the RB-MP12
  • Can be found in the RB-MP13
  • On a shelf near four locked food warehouses

I would recommend trying to find this item, as it saves you 230,000 Roubles.


Iridium is quite rare, and can only be found in 2 locations on reserve:

  • On the roof of white pawn, on some crates next to the 3 jackets
  • In the server racks near the D-2 power switch

Considering it is quite rare, I would recommend buying this item. However if you are on Reserve, keep a look out for it.


Since this is the most expensive item on this list, it will naturally be the hardest to find. This item can be found on Reserve and Labs. On Reserve you can only find it in the marked rooms and on top of the White King (random loot spawn).

On Labs, you can find it on a pedestal in the assembly line (Main Working Area):

This item is extremely expensive, and is extremely rare. Even if you have marked room keys, it will be a small chance for it to spawn on reserve. However if you can make it to Labs and back in one piece, you will probably have more than enough money to buy it.

Military Cable

This item is the most commonly found one on the list. However, this is only due to the fact that it has much higher spawn rates in caches, duffles, tech crates, etc. It is not found naturally on the ground in any map as of yet.

I would recommend buying this item as it is quite cheap on the flea market.

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