How to host a Minecraft server with ANY CurseForge modpack

Let’s say you have already found your favourite modpack. It could be Valhesia, All the Mods, MC Eternal, or any modpack! This tutorial is specific to modpacks from:

However, this guide can be easily adapted to fit any modpack regardless of where it comes from. As a demo, I will be showing you how to install a MC Eternal server.

If you are wanting to make a server from a CurseForge modpack, it’s pretty easy. First step is to go to the files section on the CurseForge page.

Next, click on the modpack version you want. Any of the versions can be used as long as they have “Server Pack” in the name, or as a tooltip:

After you click on the server pack listing (which will sometimes be listed under “Additional Files”, click on download. You should get a ZIP file downloaded.

Unzip the downloaded file. You should get a folder with a lot of files inside. Sometimes, there will already be a startup script in there for you, however I like to use a custom script. Rename the file forge-MC_VER-*.*.*.*.jar (not always in this format) to server.jar .

Inside a server startup script, you usually put in custom Java arguments depending on your system. I like to use Aikar’s startup script as it is very well tuned. This script may not work for your modpack. Make a file called startup.bat and edit it in notepad placing these contents:

Make sure to replace the indicated {RAM} parts with an appropriate amount of ram to allocate. I recommend at least half of available ram, and even more depending on how many players you are hosting.

Quite often, a modpack will require custom configurations. Usually, they will be automatically done for you. However, you might need to change the server generation template. This ultimately depends on the modpack, and will require you to do more research. If you need help feel free to leave a note or comment.

Do you want custom help? I could help you setup a modpack for your friends. I don’t mind, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to help you out…

I'm an aspiring Programmer/Cyber Security/Software Dev that enjoys writing as a hobby.

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