How to install for League of Legends (howto and guide)

all image credits go to Overwolf and the Porofessor devs

Features of the in-game app

Opponent statistics

  • Invades often
  • Aggressive jungler
  • Bad vision
  • Passive laner
  • etc…

Build help

In-game, Porofessor can show you what items you should build based off of the enemy team. It combines common pro/meta builds with it’s knowledge of the enemy team to show you the best items to pick.


Runes has been one of the most confusing things for me in LoL. I understand what they do, I just don’t know which runes to pick for my champion. Luckily, Porofessor helps with just that.

How to install Porofessor

Are you hooked yet? Let’s get to installing Porofessor. First step you want to do is head to this link:

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